After Year Long Collaboration our "2nd Helping" app Launch was AMAZING!!

OSL & Food in Motion’s commitment to food rescue helped identify more efficient ways to get food into the hands of those who need it most. The “2nd Helping” app became a reality through the hard work of all our volunteer programmers provided by Givecamp, Microsoft and the King County Department of Parks & Natural Resources. The apps ongoing operation is provided by Microsoft's Azure grant.  


Easy to use, donors post food donation details directly to the app, including type of food, exact weight/amount, even upload photos so meal programs know exactly what to expect. Meal Programs such as OSL are able to view the posts with all its details and have the option to contact the donor, view its location on a digital map, and accept the donation or not. The donor then receives notification that a recipient has accepted their donation and is on their way for a pickup.

And now, for the past 3 months due to weekly donations from generous donors - like Scrappy’s Bitters, Meydenbauer Center and the Hyatt Bellevue, just to name a few - we can confidently report the app’s success! From January to March 2019, the app logged over 8,745 pounds of rescued food donated and accepted directly by meal programs!  

Great big thanks to everyone who gave grants to support this project and all the time spent on the creation of the app! Special high-five to our community partners, the food donors and meal programs - we couldn't do this without you!! and to all those who donated food to us via this app. 

Available on Google Play and Apple app stores (target audience is vetted commercial donors).