Mobile Meal Kitchen

Throughout Washington State there are areas known as food deserts. A food desert is a neighborhood that lacks accessible and affordable food options, including grocery stores, restaurants, food banks, or meal programs. No to low income, elder adults, children, families and individuals living directly on the street are the populations most often impacted by food deserts. These communities have a right to accessible food and are in dire need of nutritional support.

In 2015, to help combat the inequity of food deserts, OSL began planning for the purchase of a 18 foot step side van, fully equipped as a Mobile Meal Kitchen (MMK). The cost of this vehicle is $150,000. This mobile kitchen will allow us to travel to food deserts throughout the greater Seattle area and deliver healthful meals to those in need. We project that with this vehicle we will serve 20,000 unduplicated individuals struggling with hunger in our communities. This vehicle will also serve as an educational lab for populations challenged with hunger, providing training on nutritional meal preparation using foods from donated sources.

To date we have raised $120,948 towards the purchase price of the MMK. We are optimistic that with your help we will be able to raise the remaining funds toward the purchase of the MMK, making this dream a reality! Join us in helping to provide nutritional excellence to Seattle's most vulnerable members.

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