OSL Presents ~ Give a Little Love ~ Burger

Li’l Woody’s Burger of the Week: Give a Little Love and enjoy!

Jerk Coconut Fried Chicken
Beecher’s New Woman Cheese
Pineapple Coleslaw
Mama Lil’s Garlic aioli
Garlic Buttered Hawaiian Bun

woody's osl  2018.jpg

Give a Little Love!

Treat yourself to a “Give a Little Love” Burger this week at

Li’l Woody’s, proceeds donated directly to OSL!!

Here’s all the juicy jerk chicken details (OMG YUMMMM)…… And Li’l Woody’s is open 11am-3am Friday/Saturday so we’ve got your Friday lunch break covered, or the pre-date bite to eat, or post shopping snack and even any on the way home cravings settled, done!

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Let’s serve up some LOVE with a big side of

THANK YOU to Li’l Woody’s and

buy the heck outta this burger!!!