Job Opportunities

Full-time Chef or Cook:

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Love working in a kitchen and want to be the change you wish to see in the world?

OSL is looking for 5 chefs or cooks that have minimum of three to five years' experience in large batch and creative cooking.

OSL is a non-profit working to make our mission “Nutritional Excellence: a right we are born to, not a privilege we earn” a reality for those struggling with hunger in Seattle and King County.

OSL began 30 years ago as a part of the solution to feed people who were otherwise digging through garbage cans for food. We’ve now grown to 5, busy, fast-paced kitchens, with a dedicated staff preparing meals for more than 50 social service programs; a linchpin in the emergency meal system. OSL is an organization on the cutting edge of food rescue, and is instrumental in building an equitable food system in Seattle and King County. 

Desired Qualifications and Requirements:
• Strong work ethic
• Experience working in a fast-paced kitchen environment
• Comfortable producing 60+ main course options independently without supervision or instruction
• Knowledge of scratch cooking including, gravy, béchamel, marinara, dressings, casseroles, stews, pasta dishes and several ways to cook chicken, beef, and fish
• Understanding of organic vs. conventionally grown ingredients, is helpful
• Understanding of nutritional density and meeting the daily nutritional requirements 
• An ethical, amiable, and patient personality
• Committed interest in working for populations struggling with homelessness, mental illness, displacement, etc.
• Ability to lift 50+ pounds repetitively.
• Current Food Handler’s card.
• Eye for cleanliness and the ability to participate in kitchen upkeep; cleaning, dish pit, sanitizing.
• Driver's license with a clean driving record

A strong candidate has:
• Excellent communication skills: ability to communicate respectfully and non-aggressively, problem solve and engage critically with other staff members
• Excellent time management
• The ability to work well and cooperatively on a team, as well as independently 
• The ability to take direction
• The ability to work with large numbers of volunteers of all ages, including minor volunteers
• Math skills
• A desire to make a difference in the world 

Please respond with a resume, cover letter and share about your own experience helping those in need, your desire to work with populations struggling with hunger or about your commitment to making the world a better place. 

OSL is a equal opportunity employer. We are consistently looking for chefs/cooks that are interested in working for an organization that helps their community by providing nutritious meals to low income populations and those experiencing homelessness.

OSL pays an equitable wage with benefits. We value diversity, honesty, creativity and non-violent communication skills. We maintain a drug and alcohol free workplace.

Please reach out to us with a cover letter and resume. We can be contacted via or by calling (206) 922-2015.