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Our Mission

“To provide dignity, care and compassion through action, with the example that each person can make a difference.

To educate and advocate acceptance and understanding of each other’s differences.

To ultimately bring about the realization that we are all a vital part of this world and with extended effort put an end to homelessness, hunger and hatred.”

OSL was born in 1989…

with the delivery of 30 Organic Sack Lunches to the streets of Seattle. Baptized OPERATION: Sack Lunch, we soon outgrew the registered identifier of our 501 (c) 3.

With more than 6 million no cost meals served, the rescue and procurement of more than 4 million pounds of quality meal ingredients, and the establishment of 7 additional satellite programs under the direction of what we call the “Mother-Ship”, we now simply refer to ourselves as OSL… and each day these letters remind us that we are always and ONLY Serving Love…

Beverly performs a song inspired by this ethos


We prepare and serve more than 42,000 no-cost meals each month to those who struggle with hunger. We provide, at no charge, nutritionally excellent meals for agencies throughout Seattle.
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Thoughts From our E.D.

The window in our small office on the second floor in the historic Pioneer Square Building looks out on the Pergola…

The Iron Pergola, was erected in 1909 as a stop for the Yesler and James Street Cable Car Company. This waiting shelter was the most lavish of its kind west of the Mississippi with ornamental iron columns, wrought iron ornamentation and a large underground restroom. The pergola was designed by Seattle architect Julian Everett, who also designed the Leamington Hotel and Apartments. Historically the Victorian-style structure has served as a shelter…. A place for visitors and those who are weary, to simply rest. In 1972 restoration returned the Iron Pergola to its former elegance, and it remains one of the most memorable features of this historic area.

Underneath the Pergola are two benches. In 2014 one of the benches sheltered underneath the Pergola was dedicated to OSL and the work we have done in Seattle for those who struggle with hunger…

“Only Serving Love”…

Today the Pergola serves as a shelter for people who have no shelter. There is a tent, sleeping bags, blankets… There is an adult in a wheel chair… there is also a 1 year-old who spends their time under the Pergola, in a stroller. It is winter. It is cold. The baby, who could be a Bethany or a David, is wrapped up in layers… No bedroom, no warm bed, no toys brought by Santa Claus… A child who is unsheltered and does not fit in to the conventional ideas of shelter for the homeless… a child who is left out in the cold… a child who is fortunate to have a parent that loves them… but is unable to provide the essentials in a more conventional way…

Every day, we look out, we approach, we serve, we provide… Every day… and the days go on… and on… and on…

We look out of our small office and we know that somehow, in some divine universal way, we have arrived full circle, back to the place where we served our first meal, where we first understood that someone could be so hungry that they would except a meal form an un-trusted person… each person seeking shelter under the Pergola receives our care. Every day when they rest their weary, un-sheltered, cold, and hungry selves…no matter what their story is…how they got there… we, OSL, will serve them. Without judgement, without requirement, without expectation… With Only Love… and somehow, that will alter their tomorrow.

Thank you for helping us do that…

-beverly g-


Food Insecurity affects 1 in 7 individuals in our State. Food inequity affects people of color, women, children, the elderly, chronically ill, economically challenged, homeless, people with disabilities, indigenous, substance abusers, people with mental challenges and dementia, and those who live in isolated rural settings.


Throughout Washington State there are areas known as Food Deserts. A food desert has no food resources, such as a grocery store, restaurant, food bank, meal program, or convenience store, but has a population needing nutritional support. These populations are usually no or low income; elder adults, families living in cars, homeless veterans, children, women, and men.


OSL plans to purchase an 18 foot step side van that is fully equipped as a Mobile Kitchen. The cost of this vehicle is $140,000. We are currently actively pursing funding sources to make this purchase. Contributions to this effort are greatly appreciated. The Mobile Kitchen will allow us to deliver meals directly in food deserts throughout the greater Seattle area. A food desert has no access to life sustaining food, yet has a population in need of sustenance. We project that with this vehicle we will serve 20,000 unduplicated individuals struggling with hunger in our community. This vehicle will also serve as an educational lab for populations challenged with hunger, providing Next Step training on nutritional meal preparation, using foods from donated sources.


We are a non profit on a mission to bring food that is nutritional and safe to all those who struggle with hunger in our community. We do this through the creation and delivery of nutritionally dense no-cost meals and by being instrumental in advocating for and supporting an equitable food system for all.

OSL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization