In 2016…

OSL served 541,801 meals to those who struggle with hunger in Seattle.

We served no-cost meals to 32 programs; including, but not limited to: 12 shelters and transitional shelter programs, 4 youth programs, 1 community court program, 1 sanctioned encampment, 1 outdoor meal site, 2 senior adult programs, 3 day programs needing nutritional support and several others.

We purchased 33,048.36 pounds of food: $85,618.90

Through our Food In Motion program, OSL procured and rescued 875,536 pounds of food from 63 rescue and donor partners:

  • Valued conservatively at $3.99 per pound: $3,493,388.64

We shared/delivered 151,470 pounds with 23 meal provider agencies.

  • Valued conservatively at $604,365.30.

We provided community service opportunities for 2682 volunteers who contributed 13,410 hours.

  • We value these hours conservatively at $281,610.

A dedicated OSL staff and our fabulous volunteers prepared and delivered 908,854 pounds or 454.4 TONS of food to the hungry and food insecure in Seattle!

Our administrative department was unexpectedly reduced to 1.5 full time equivalents in 3rd quarter 2016. This dropped our total OSL administrative cost to a very low: $180,018.40 or 4.3% of our total budget (we are re-hiring for 2017).

The OSL service program total cost: $3,712,455.30

2016 total expenditures: $3,896,176.66


Only Serving Love

Feeding the Hungry
Saving Lives
Since 1989


We are a non profit on a mission to bring food that is nutritional and safe to all those who struggle with hunger in our community. We do this through the creation and delivery of nutritionally dense no-cost meals and by being instrumental in advocating for and supporting an equitable food system for all.

OSL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization