100% of public donations funds meals for hungry community members

We depend on private donors, foundations, contracts, and sponsors to cover our operational costs. The investment of these donors contribute to our long-term mission, and to our ability to build our capacity.

Angel Investors: ATS Automation

Our Angel Investors are donors who recognize the impact of a major gift to our operations. Like any business, we need investors who believe in, and support our business model. But we can’t offer stock options or the promise of a big buyout; instead, the Return Of Investment for our investors is measured in the people we serve and save from hunger.

ATS Automation has been one of our Angel Investors since 2002 and has contributed 475,000 to date.


A few of the foundations that have funded our operations:

  • Medina Foundation
  • Seattle Foundation
  • Johnson– Haefling Foundation
  • Fales Foundation
  • Norcliffe
  • Tulalip
  • United Way
  • Bill & Melinda Gates
  • Deacon Charitable Foundation
  • Safeco Foundation


Corporate & Government Partners

We partner with corporations for matching programs, public campaigns, employee engagement and other fundraising ideas.

  • City of Seattle
  • Catholic Housing Services
  • Boeing
  • Belimo Aircontrols
  • Benevity
  • Blackrock
  • Compass Housing Alliance
  • Construction Systems Management
  • Costco
  • Evergreen Ortho Clinic
  • Marenakos
  • McKinstry
  • MicroSoft
  • Mod Pizza
  • Seattle Public Utilities
  • Real Change
  • Safeco Corporation
  • Sales Force
  • United Natural Foods
  • Whole Foods

In-Kind Gifts

In-Kind donations range from hundred of thousands of food pounds, to dishes and furniture… Without our donors we would not be able to do what we do.

Agency Partners:

  • Food Lifeline
  • Seattle’s Table
  • Compass Housing Alliance
  • Catholic Housing Services
  • Low Income Housing Institute
  • Salvation Army

Only Serving Love

Feeding the Hungry
Saving Lives
Since 1989


We are a non profit on a mission to bring food that is nutritional and safe to all those who struggle with hunger in our community. We do this through the creation and delivery of nutritionally dense no-cost meals and by being instrumental in advocating for and supporting an equitable food system for all.

OSL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization