BEVERLY, Picnic table 600Featured on the “HALLMARK Station”, OSL is a meal and basic necessities provider serving those who struggle with hunger: children, women, and men, who call Seattle their home. We are a grassroots project that began in 1989 with 30 lunches in the kitchen of founder, Singer / Song Writer, Beverly Graham.

OSL has now provided more than 5.5 million no cost hot meals and sack lunches in the greater Seattle area.  We serve 3 meals a day, seven days each week.

Our program has earned numerable awards of recognition:

  • the prestigious Jefferson Award for Humanitarian service
  • an international Giraffe Award
  • Woman of Distinction Award
  • Raymond Hunthausen Peace Award Honoree
  • Mayor of Seattle’s End Hunger Award (several years)
  • Thomas C. Wales Foundation Honoree
  • Hometown Hero (several years)

RCOPOSL is a unique provider. Those we serve are unable to access food in more conventional ways. We are the last line of defense for those in our community living directly on the streets. For many we are the only place to find a decent meal and the only way to ward off starvation. We operate with an organic ethic.

OSL is recognized as a leader in nutritional quality, safety, and palatability.

We operate a non bio-toxic kitchen and serve food prepared with an organic ethic, using organic ingredients whenever possible. It is our belief that by providing the population we serve the most healthful food possible we will help eliminate, not only hunger, but health challenges as well.

The OSL mission statement is as imperative today as it was in 1989. Although we have served more than 5.5 million nutritionally dense meals since 1989, OSL has never been about simply making meals. Delivering nutritionally sound meals to food insecure populations is the physical indicator of our broader mission of providing dignity care and compassion to those in our community that need a little bit of extra help to navigate through life. Our commitment to “ONLY SERVING LOVE”. Our presentations on discrimination awareness, hunger and homelessness, speaks to our commitment to honor and celebrate our differences and embrace our responsibility towards one another. Finally, our organizational ethic is a model of love in action. We are determined to be instrumental in putting an end to homelessness, hunger, and hatred in our community and the world.

OSL is a pivotal link in the human service chain in Seattle. We are a direct service organization serving the homeless, transitional, low or no income, and food insecure community, providing more than 500,00 meals a year – 3 meals a day, seven days a week, 365 days per year. We are committed to being a part of the solution to alleviate, and indeed, to end hunger in our community. OSL provides nutritionally dense meals, made from quality ingredients that are local to the United States, with an organic ethic. We have since our inception, been faithful to this part of our mission, and have continued to educate ourselves, our staff and volunteers on food safety and nutrition. Our commitment to serving those who struggle with hunger in our community, nutritionally dense food, at one time considered radical, is now the standard to set the nutritional bar by. We specialize in dietary restrictions; diets for diabetics, gluten intolerant, auto immune deficiencies, vegetarians, and cardiovascular issues. Our staff has been trained in holistic and nutritionally sound practices and techniques.

We continue to be a lifeline of nutritional excellence for our most challenged and compromised citizens. As community builders we advocate acceptance, care, and radical compassion. Our work since 1989 has been responsible for many of the forward thinking and progressive attitudes and has altered policy and protocols for City government and other organizations. Our tenacity and ability for respectful engagement has been the catalyst for institutional changes around food quality and access for food insecure populations, not only in Seattle but in other communities around the United States.

Only Serving Love

Feeding the Hungry
Saving Lives
Since 1989


We are a non profit on a mission to bring food that is nutritional and safe to all those who struggle with hunger in our community. We do this through the creation and delivery of nutritionally dense no-cost meals and by being instrumental in advocating for and supporting an equitable food system for all.

OSL is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization